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Chapter 7 - The Letter

Couple of hours past, there was still no sign of Roxy. Megane the owl had not returned with a letter back, Toby was in his room playing happily with his wizards chess set. Jade walking up and down in the kitchen every now and then popping outside to see if there was a sign of Roxy or Megane. More hours past and past the moon was rising up, stars coming out. More day’s past, the only living thing that Jade saw was her own son, and Roxy’s owl bringing letters, and the Daily Prophet, she read it every day but there was no news about Roxy, or any deaths, the biggest news that had happened was a big fire had happened in diagon alley one night last week. Winter becoming closer has the day’s went past, it got more cold by the night, and darker quicker, Jade and Toby had to pop out one night to get food and water supplys, she thought she saw one of Scorpius’s followers but the man had not said anything. 

A whole month passed still with no news of Roxy, Jade’s owl Megane had not returned with a note from Morgan or even Albus, she was stuck in the big four story house alone with her son, she kept telling herself it could me much worse, they could come back and take Toby, she felt bad for what she was thinking so she decided to blank her mind and do some cleaning, she reached the kitchen and began to wipe the side, as she heard something from outside, Jade dropped everything she was carrying grabbed her wand from the side and wondered outside, “Toby come here baby, Mum want’s you outside”. In the distance there was Megane the owl swooping down fast to where they were standing, it looked like she was gripping a roll of parchment but Jade could not tell if it was from that distance, the owl become closer and closer, until it was clear she was infact holding something in her claws. Megane swooped down on Jade’s arm, her wing was badly injured a few scars here and there, she looked like she escaped a dangerous war, Jade tugged the note of her claws and read. “Jade, were working on getting Roxy back, we think Scorpius snatched her whilst you was sleeping, for the meantime don’t leave the house stay inside you’re being watched, I’ve been outside the house in the woods, three of Scorpius’s men are stationed round the woods, Love Morgan x”

The next few hours Jade sat on the sofa and continued to read the letter over and over again, “Mum, would you put that letter down, I’m starving and you haven’t made a proper meal in day’s, please can we have a proper meal, like we used to”, Jade did not reply and merely ignored Toby. Later on that night Jade had managed to cook up a decent meal for the two of them to eat, she kept thinking to herself whether or not to leave the house and return to headquarters, at least there she would know what’s going on with Roxy and who ever else had been taken, she asked Toby what he would like to do but didn’t really encounter his opinion as he was only a child. 

More hours past and Jade had come to final decision that they we’re leaving the house for good and heading to headquarter’s, she didn’t care if she was being tracked, she couldn’t just sit and not do anything any longer, she told Toby to go pack some food and some toy’s, shortly after Toby came running down the stairs with box’s of food and a couple of toy’s. Jade grabbed some floo powder pushed Toby in the fireplace and told him to say loud and clearly “Headquarters”, Jade quickly followed after him, “Headquarters”, she closed her eyes for mere seconds opened them again and there she was standing in the TSO headquarter’s but what looked like a mess, tables had been knocked over, chairs had been smashed. Jade heard a noise coming from the ktichen she told Toby to wait here whilst she investigated, she headed towards where she had heard the noise, She opened the door to Mitzi the house elf sitting there holding another house elf in her arms.

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the beauty of a princess and the courage of a lioness.

the beauty of a princess and the courage of a lioness.