"going to leave you bunches of messages to answer once you get back! :) lol"
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"hope you are having a lovely time on holiday!!"
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I was having a lovely time on holiday


goodbye England ;D

"I heard he may doing something where he plays a gay guy, lol. (:"
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ahaha well good luck to what ever he does 

"You're pretty cute :3 & your tweets are funny. Arte you hoping Matt does more movies?"
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thanks, and thanks again, and yes I’d love to see him some more movies 

"Favourite animal?"
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"good one! lmfao favorite Gred and Forge quote or who ever really lol"
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my favourite Fred and George scene is probably when they have them fireworks with umbridge, favourite ron scene is when he gets drugged by the love potion, favourite harry potter scene is everything and hermione is I don’t know so many haha

"Favorite HP quote?"
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there’s a few, depends on who you’re talking about?

Draco : Reading? I didn’t know you could read - CoS LMFAO 

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"What animal does your patronus take?"
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um I would love for it to be a cheetah